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What We Do

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Whatever you’re looking to do, whether it’s a quick online poll, a large-scale segmentation piece or to bring all your data together under one powerful online reporting platform, Alligator is here to help.

We’ll take the guesswork out of your online research and select the best method and technology to deliver the results you need in a fast and flexible way. Our highly experienced team will manage your project from start to finish making your life easy. You can trust Alligator to employ the right tools to make your research successful.

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Snappy Polls

Quick, easy and cost effective, polls help you decide on next steps for your research. Alligator can get you results in a flash to support initial ideas for strategic action.

  • Flexible

    Ask one quick question or a group of questions. This efficient research method gets you answers to your questions in an affordable way.
  • Snappy

    Get fast access to penetration rates of various products or services. Great for a quick read of mood and opinions.
  • Useful for

    A quick dip before launching into full-scale projects; brand measurement; gain stats to underpin campaign messages; or for fast reaction to social media trends and breaking news.
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Online research projects

Connect to respondents with a powerful online experience.

Why choose us?  Three main reasons, really: because we’re highly experienced, we’re patient - we’ll tweak till you’re satisfied – and we’re fast.

We’re up to the challenge whatever your spec. We’re confident because we have experience in our favour.  Whatever your task may be; be it large-scale, multi-country, or small, low-budget, and needed yesterday. You can be sure we’ll deliver exactly what you’d hoped for, when you wanted it by.

We build surveys which are fully branded, engaging and formatted to look and work beautifully on any device.  Our programmers have achieved ground-breaking solutions to challenges such as accessibility for disabled respondents. We deliver high quality responses from samples in Business, Consumer and even Healthcare.

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Online reporting

We design online reporting systems that are flexible, compelling and custom-made. We believe in letting your results do the talking, so your data and needs dictate the technology and not the other way around.  All our dashboards come with awesome export functions to make your life easy.  Access exactly what you want, whenever you like.

  • Bronze

    Your dashboard will contain exciting infographics bringing your KPIs to life.
  • Silver

    Your detailed dashboard will contain cross tabulations and filtering functionality.
  • Gold

    Fully customisable analysis tools let you cut your data however you like.
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Online Communities

Allow brand users to interact with each other freely giving you access to reams of rich data.

We setup and manage your online communities allowing you to ask questions as and when you need.

  • Real feedback

    Whether you have a client database or not, an online community allows researchers and insight teams to tap in to rich feedback from a highly engaged group.
  • Small scale & short term

    Sample groups of 100+ and over a 3 - 12 month period. These provide access to blogs, discussion forums, brainstorms, polls and live chats as well as surveys.
  • Large scale & longer term

    Completely customised communities of 5,000+ for 6 months or more can support blogs, complex surveys, polls and discussions as well as live chats and interactions.
  • Recruitment

    We can recruit customers, prospects, influencers, category rejecters or even employees.
  • Branded

    Private online communities with a customised look and feel to fit with your brand.
  • Control

    Retain complete ownership of all content and member information.
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Mobile technology

Need to reach people on the go?  Using a mobile platform lets you connect to respondents with powerful functionality; allowing them to send responses, pictures and video wherever they are and whenever you need.

  • Diary studies

    Mobile apps give you access to consumer diary entries regularly and because they are conducted on the fly, the recall is more accurate and detailed.
  • Push surveys

    Great for testing ad effectiveness or getting feedback on a store visit; location-based mobile surveys mean you don’t have to be there. Push a survey to consumers instantly depending on their location.
  • Compatible

    All our surveys are mobile compatible so if you don’t choose to use an app we can supply fully mobile enhanced surveys complete with rich media and ‘surveytainment’ elements.
  • Qualitative

    We provide qualitative research offerings via mobile platforms too, excellent for cost reduction and instant geographical reach.
  • Reaching targets in different ways

    We can provide pop-up access for web evaluation or quick links and QR codes so that respondents can retrieve the surveys themselves on the go.

Key people

Suzy e1406288302701

Suzy HassanManaging Director

With over 10 years’ experience in the market research industry, predominantly in digital research methodologies, Suzy’s skill set covers project management and delivery, operations, client and business development. Suzy was previously heading up the Client Services department at Toluna, a panel and technology provider.

colin full

Colin CliffordSales Director

With nearly a decade in MR, Colin mostly enjoys the servicing and solutions aspect of his role. He takes pride in approaching each project from a consultancy perspective and growing strong client relationships based on trust. When away from work, Colin enjoys to compete in athletics or consume a decent pint of Guinness.

j flynn e1405935637633

Jerry FlynnOperations director

Jerry has 23 years’ experience in programming and project management under his belt and has been leading script writing teams for 12 years at Perspective Research Services. Jerry’s experience covers a wide variety of methodologies and research topics and he is well versed with advanced programming techniques.

girish photo

Girish RamlochunProject Director

Girish has 10 years’ experience in Market Research having previously worked in Operations at Kantar and as a Team Leader for the Client Services department at Toluna. His expertise is Online Project Management and Delivery and he has an extensive knowledge of Panels, Programming and Data.

Chris e1405932416776

Chris PopleSenior Programmer

Chris has ten years’ experience in digital market research, previously handling online research projects at Perspective Research Services. Chris’s strongest skills lie in project management and programming.